SEAL Cop Crusader Sounds Off On The Million MAGA March

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Are you a Christian leader of your family feeling abandoned by your church and country?  Do you have concerns for your freedoms and your safety in the coming years? We have been observing an increasingly bold persecution of Christian Conservatives and we expect this action to only become more extreme. Many Christians have become silent in the face of this persecution in an effort to protect their families from being targeted. It is now time for Christian Patriots to step out of the shadows and reclaim our country for God’s people.   

Patriot Crusader Mission was born out of a deep frustration with stereotyped Christian culture and the calling to guide Christian men and women to be true warriors for their families and for God.   Somewhere along the way, the meaning of the word ‘meek’ in the Bible became confused with the modern Western understanding of the word.  The biblical use of ‘meek’ infers controlled strength, or in other words, “demonstrating power without undue harshness”, whereas the Western use of ‘meek’ implies submissive, weak, or passive.  As a result of this misuse, we are experiencing an overwhelming number of Christians, especially Christian males, who have surrendered their responsibilities as Christian leaders in their families and communities, and our culture – our nation – is reaping the consequences of these failures.  Where are our true Christians who will boldly claim the word of God against a culture that is forcing sin upon us all?  Where are our true Christian Pastors who will not cave to societal pressures to pretend that God is accepting of these sins? We need an uprising.  We need our country to be overtaken by Christian Warrior Believers who are meek in the face of God but never weak in the face of evil.  Patriot Crusader Mission is here to forge those warriors.  Our community provides the structure and the platform for Christians to sharpen their faith, grow stronger in His word, and reclaim the fate of their families and country.  WE are Christian Warriors for God.  Lock shield with us and together, we hold the line.   

We approach the Christian Warrior holistically, with a God-focus in every aspect of what we do and teach.  Our program consists of the use of 4-Pillars: Faith, Family, Fitness, and Tactics.  Through these pillars, we will forge you into a Patriot Crusader – a true Christian Warrior – ready to protect family and country.  Content includes weekly podcasts, interviews with special guests, bible studies, challenges, and training on tactics, self-defense, fitness, and prepping. 


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